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Rental Conversion Opportunities

At Mercworks Realty, we offer unique opportunities to select homeowners with specific estate planning needs. We specialize in Rental Conversion Opportunities or as we have grown accustomed to calling them — RCOs.

Taking a close look at the numbers, for most property owners, turbulent real estate market conditions create an overwhelmingly positive outlook for a substantial full-equity, much-improved return on your single most important asset — your home.

Combined with tremendously valuable Mercworks Estate Planning Services, many customers find that for them a custom-fit RCO makes perfect sense.

When you match modern real estate valuations to your desired lifestyle the benefits of RCOs are impressive and long-lasting.  With the modern and simple Mercworks conversion process our customers minimize archaic real estate fees so they can maximize their return on investment, all while continuing to live the life they want in the comfort of their own home.

Our numbers work.  But why not discover for yourself?  Submit your address to receive a free customized RCO report. Reach out, gain more control over your finances, and start living with purpose today!


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