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Rental Conversion Opportunities

At Mercworks Realty unique opportunities are offered to select homeowners with specific estate planning needs. We specialize in Rental Conversion Opportunities or as we’ve coined the term, RCOs. When we take a close look at the numbers, for many property owners current market conditions are overwhelmingly positive for a full equity owner seeking an improved return on their primary asset: their home.

Combined with tremendously valuable Mercworks Property Services, many customers find that for them a tailor-fit RCO makes perfect sense. When you match modern real estate valuations to your desired lifestyle the benefits of RCOs are impressive and long-lasting.  With the modern and simple Mercworks conversion process our customers minimize archaic real estate fees so they can maximize their return on investment while living the life they want and deserve.

Our numbers work. Find out for yourself.  Submit your address below to receive a free customized Mercworks RCO report. At no cost to you. Reach out, get involved, and start living with purpose… today!

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Our philosophy is live with purpose.  Our purpose is to enhance the lifestyles of our customers for both personal and financial gain. Contact Mercworks today to find out more.


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Why rent is about to go up again

Weighing your options for renting versus buying your next home is difficult without performing a lot of research. With a Mercworks RCO you can chose a rent you’re comfortable with, subscribe to select property services, and ultimately stay.. in your home. Submit a request for a free quote today! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/18/why-rent-is-about-to-go-up-again.html

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Mercworks Realty partners with TenantCloud to extend seamless and automated cloud service to all of our clients. Monthly rents, maintenance schedules, and service requests are quick, easy, and automated in the TenantCloud Web, Android and iOS Mobile apps.

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