Top 10 Places Renting Out Your Home ​May Help You Save Money

Low interest rates and low supply of homes in highly desirable neighborhoods has created a very competitive real estate marketplace in southeastern PA, DE, and MD. For savvy homeowners this can create significant investment opportunity as well. Do you own your home? If so, you’ve likely considered selling your home at these historically high prices. But where would you move to? The thought of moving and purchasing another home elsewhere – it would be expensive there too, right? That where Mercworks Realty can help. With a Mercworks RCO you can sell your home, keep the proceeds, and enter into a monthly property management plan so you can stay right where you are. Interested in moving at a later date? Mercworks RCOs include consumer-first agreements to enhance your lifestyle and give you time back in your day and money in your pocket. Reach out to learn more at no cost to you.